东华文泽学校是著名的东华教育集团(TWEG)的一部分。 东华教育集团成立于2001年,以孩子们的学术成就和全面发展为目标。目前在东莞有四所学校和两个校区,为3至18岁的孩子们提供以中国核心课程为基础的课程; 以及为国际分部的一群高中生提供国际化课程。

Tungwah Wenzel International School is part of the prestigious Tung Wah Education Group (TWEG). Founded in 2001 on a vision of academic excellence and the development of the whole child, TWEG currently consists of four schools and two campuses in Dongguan. Its schools offer programs based on the Chinese core curriculum to students aged 3 to 18; and the A-Level curriculum to a group of senior high school students in the international division. With a total student population of 45,000 students, and 2,100 staff members, TWEG today is a highly reputable organization with numerous awards to its name, a long line of high-achieving alumni, and dedicated professionals.
Opening in September 2019, TWIS will provide a K-12 co-educational teaching and learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, and celebrates diversity and international-mindedness with a total student capacity of 3,000.
Fully committed to delivering a concept-driven, inquiry-based curriculum aligned with the IB philosophy and pedagogy, TWIS intends to integrate traditional Chinese values with international frameworks, standards and instructional approaches suited for students aged 3-18.